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API v1.0.89 Release Notes

Released on Thursday, December 20, 2018


Several bug fixes and performance improvements.


Variants & Variant Inventory

We've expanded Variant functionality! Variants are used to create versions of the same product that have different specs. For example, one product might have three different sizes available, small, medium, or large. Rather than have three different products, variants allows you to have one product with different arrangements of specs. Specs can also be open text entry, or include a markup. We've expanded variants to allow for variant-level inventory tracking.

You can now:

  • see variant information for products on a line item or shipment sub-object

  • track inventory at a variant level

  • write custom variant ids

  • write shipping size/weight information at a variant level

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • We've reduced latency around product catalog changes.

  • We've fixed an issue where you could have a supplier and a non-supplier user of the same username. All user names should be unique within an organization.

  • Setting a product's DefaultSupplierID without an assignment between that product and the supplier is somewhat nonsensical. Now, creating or updating a product's DefaultSupplierID creates an assignment if missing.

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