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API v1.0.130 Release Notes

Released on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

  • New Orders endpoint: POST @ v1/orders/incoming/{orderID}/split - Creates outgoing Order(s) to Supplier(s), one per unique DefaultSupplierID on the products ordered.

  • New Orders endpoint: POST @ v1/orders/incoming/{orderID}/forward - Same as /split, but also submits the outgoing Orders created.

  • New Product property: AutoForward - If true, indicates to automatically trigger /forward when a Buyer submits an Order containing this Product.

  • New Order property: ToCompanyID, primarily useful to Sellers with outgoing Orders to multiple Suppliers.

/split and /forward both return a response that looks like this:

    "OutgoingOrders": [ ... ],
    "RemainingLineItemIDs": [ ... ]
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