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API v1.0.32 Release Notes

Released on Monday, November 21, 2016

New Features:

  • You can now filter list Order queries on the BillingAddress and ShippingAddress subobjects. This works on both Order and Me.Order lists. EX: /orders?ShippingAddress.Street1=xyz

  • We've added true order-level shipping addresses. If a shipping address is set at the order level, all line items on the order will inherit that shipping address.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Previously, if all your line items had the same shipping address, any new line item would have the same shipping address. This is no longer true. Line items will ONLY inherit a shipping address when it is explicitly set at the order level.

    • There are no longer write-only address IDs on Order or Line Items; all of the following are now read/write:

      • Order.BillingAddressID

      • Order.ShippingAddressID

      • LineItem.ShippingAddressID

      • LineItem.ShipFromAddressID

  • We've made several performance improvements around product history.

Bug Fixes:

  • You can again list and delete security profile assignments for admin users.

  • Search results will now be accurate when listing categories using a depth parameter.

  • You can no longer assign an invalid spec to a product; you will get an error on assignment.

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