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API v1.0.23 Release Notes

Released on Saturday, July 23, 2016


  • A new Promotions feature has been added to the platform. Now you can set up promotions, using the same Rules Engine logic as Approval Rules. This new functionality allows buyers to get a limited time discount, free shipping, etc. These Promotions can now be added to orders. Promotions are assignable to buyer parties. But like products, they are admin owned and can be shared between multiple buyers.

  • An existing user can now start off as a temp user and then log in as an existing user. This gives them the ability to keep their current temp user order.

  • The Order Approvals endpoint has been updated. You can now add comments and sort chronologically.

  • You can now filter on Order.Total

  • The endpoints returned from the Documentation API now properly reflect the Role information for each endpoint.

  • The ability to get a list of pending order approvals has been improved. You can now get a list of unique users in one step, via: /orders/xyz/eligibleapprovers

  • A number of bug fixes also went out with this release.

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