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API v1.0.30 Release Notes

Released on Friday, October 28, 2016

New Features:

  • Shared Catalogs: Now a seller org can have multiple catalogs that can be assigned to one or many buyer orgs. There will be more information about this feature coming soon, but please be aware that it may break some existing routes particularly around categories, as categories are now specific to a catalog instead of a buyer. To update your existing categories routes, you'll need to add the catalog ID to your API routes, and as a parameter in your SDK calls. Me Category endpoints are not affected, except in that you can optionally filter by catalog.

  • A single client ID for an app can be used by different buyers. This is our first step towards an exciting feature on our roadmap, Buyer Networks.

  • You can now reference Product Names in your Mailchimp/Mandrill message templates! Previously, you could use Product Description and Product ID, now you can add Product Name as well.

Bug Fixes:

  • We updated Spending Accounts to be decremented when an order is submitted, rather then when a payment is applied to an unsubmitted order. (Clearing an order will refund any payments applied, even if the order is unsubmitted-- deleting the order will not do so automatically.)

SDK Release Notes:

The SDK that will be going out with the API release will be v1.0.24.

After the API is released, if anyone runs a bower update with lastest in their bower.json for ordercloud-ng-sdk they will be updated to v1.0.24

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