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API v1.0.81 Release Notes

Released on Monday, August 27, 2018



TLS 1.2 Enforced On All Traffic

What Is It?

A minimum of TLS 1.2 will be enforced on all inbound traffic to OrderCloud, as well as on all outbound traffic from OrderCloud, such as webhooks.

Why Is It Important?

TLS 1.2 is the latest and most secure standard for the cryptographic protocols that provide widespread communication security over a computer network. PCI compliance requires TLS 1.1 or better encryption, so this is likely something you already support. (1)

How Does This Affect Me?

All modern web browsers use TLS 1.2 which means calls made directly to OrderCloud from your client UIs will not be impacted. In the event that you have any custom middleware, such as Punchout, Back-office integrations, Single Sign-on, etc., please make any relevant changes. Ensure that any integrations you have set up to receive webhook payloads from OC will accept TLS 1.2.

Premium Search

What Is It?

We've added a new type of search that can be used on the platform: Premium Search. This allows for more powerful, natural language search, as well as support for Faceted Navigation natively on the OrderCloud platform. Currently, Premium Search is only available for the me/products endpoint, although we plan on expanding to cover other areas soon.

Why Is It Important?

We know our customers want the most robust, sophisticated search capabilities available natively on the OrderCloud platform. That's why we've chosen ElasticSearch, an industry standard, to provide a powerful premium search experience. Premium Search will allow us to provide you and your users with improved Buyer-side catalog searching, and give you the ability to create faceted navigation natively, without the need to integrate with a third party tool.

How Do I Use This?

Currently this feature is in Beta, and while you may see the related endpoints in the DevCenter Console or API documentation, such as v1/ProductFacets, they will not be active for any organizations outside of our Beta program. We will be inviting some clients to take part in our Beta program in the near future.

We expect Premium Search to be available to the public this Fall -- contact your account rep to discuss getting Premium Search set up.


  • Premium Search added.

  • Outbound HTTP traffic required to use TLS 1.2.

1: Forbes

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