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API v1.0.53 Release Notes

Released on Monday, May 15, 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Buyer Users with the ShipmentAdmin role can now properly create shipments.

  • We now properly throw a 409 error if you try to delete an admin user who is being used as the DefaultUserContextID for an org.

  • Listing me/Shipments performance should be noticeably improved on large lists.

  • Initial emails for Approvals message senders were not being sent.

New Features

  • Developers who use the OIDC flow for authentication will now be able to dynamically route their users to specific parts of their app after authentication. To do so, add appstartpath=<extrapath> to the query on ocrplogin.

    • Example:{2}?token={0}&idt={1}

    • The {2} can go anywhere in the appstart url.

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