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API v1.0.20 Release Notes

Released on Friday, June 10, 2016


  • XP has been added to Cost Center endpoints.

  • List routes for /me order will now mirror admin order routes with respect to requiring incoming/outgoing. Further, the rules of visibility have changed with the four order list routes in the interest of simplicity: - orders/outgoing orders from my company (submitted only unless UnsubmittedOrderReader role) - orders/incoming orders to my company (submitted only unless UnsubmittedOrderReader role) - me/orders/outgoing orders created, approved, or declined by me - me/orders/incoming orders awaiting my approval

  • For Approval Rules, approved(ruleid) has been changed to order.approved(ruleid)

  • Previously, admin address routes allowed you to see all addresses assigned to the buyer company AND your own private addresses. In order to simplify the visibility rules for admin routes (like with orders), private addresses are now only visible through /me routes.

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