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API v1.0.18 Release Notes

Released on Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  • The API now has elevated security integration. 3rd party systems now have the ability to perform elevated security operations. This means that we can grant them specific access that is not accessible by the (buyer) client.

  • The Rules Engine has been updated to replace the item object with items aggregate function. The item object has been replaced with items that contains aggregate functions allowing you do this: items.any(CostCenter = 'XYZ') instead of this: item.CostCenter = 'XYZ' This supports four such aggregate functions:

    • items.any(subexpression) - returns true/false indicating whether any items match subexpression

    • items.all(subexpression) - returns true/false indicating whether any items match subexpression

    • items.quantity(subexpression) - returns total quantity of items matching subexpression

    • - returns price total of all items matching subexpression

  • Upon sending a webhook, an access token is now appended to the outbound web hook call. If a web hook receiver needs to perform actions on behalf of that user with elevated claims, they can now use this token to do so. A nullable field has been added to webhooks called ElevatedClaimsList containing a comma separated list of Claims.

  • Several improvements have been made to the Dev Center to allow management of the webhooks from with the Dev Center UI.

  • Several bug fixes were also deployed with this release.

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