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API v1.0.87 Release Notes

Released on Sunday, November 25, 2018


Several bug fixes and performance improvements.


ForgottenPassword Message Sender For Supplier Users

What Is It? You can now specify a Supplier in the ForgottenPassword message sender assignments. This allows Supplier Users to reset their passwords using the Forgot Password endpoint. Remember, you also have to make sure that the API Client you want to use allows Supplier Commerce Access!

How Does This Affect Me? This only affects you if you're using the Suppliers feature, and want Supplier Users to be allowed to reset their passwords.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

  • We know some of our users have experienced issues Filtering by Date on XP recently. For example, the filter xp.RequestedDeliveryDate>2018-01-19 on a Shipment list call would return an empty list, rather than the expected shipments. This turned out to be related to a Json.NET quirk around date vs. string formatting. We've fixed this going forward, but existing XP indices will not automatically work. If you have an index that is affected by this issue, you will need to drop and recreate the affected XP index. The XP itself saved on whatever product, shipment, etc is fine. Only the XP index will need to be recreated. Remember, you can index XP in the Dashboard, under "Extended Properties" on a Seller Organization detail.

  • OrderCloud was experiencing some slowness recently around product-related calls in complex catalogs. We made some improvements around this process.

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