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API v1.0.65 Release Notes

Released on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New Features

  • The Me endpoint for categories is an optional ProductID filter. This allows a user to find all the categories assigned to them that have that product in them, removing the need to give a user the CategoryReader role to accomplish this.




Status Code = 200

  "Meta": {
    "Page": 1,
    "PageSize": 20,
    "TotalCount": 25,
    "TotalPages": 2,
    "ItemRange": [
  "Items": [
      "ID": "SuperAwesomeCategory",
      "Name": "I Contain the SuperAwesomeProduct",
      "Description": "",
      "ListOrder": 1,
      "Active": true,
      "ParentID": "",
      "ChildCount": 0,
      "xp": {}
  • We also added a Me route for GETing a single category! DOCS


Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if you attempted to submit an order that had a lineitem with a product that had specs and options, it would fail. Fixed now!

  • On OrderSubmitted Message Sender Mandrill Templates, the order total merge variable was not accurately reflecting order total, leaving out promotion discount. This is now fixed. (The API model was never affected, only the Message Sender merge variable.)

  • We fixed a bad index that was causing massive performance problems for DELETEing a Security Profile assignment. You should be able to go forth and delete to your hearts content now with no fear of the angry spinner!

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