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API v1.0.93 Release Notes

Released on Monday, February 11, 2019


  • We had a couple of issues where, if an admin user updated something on the Seller side, the change was not immediately reflected when a buyer user used the buyer (me) endpoints. This has now been resolved.

    • Price Schedules was affected, but prices should be reflected in buyer endpoints much more quickly.

    • Product Inventory Quantity was also affected, but should be fixed.

  • The maximum results that List calls can return on one page is 100. (PageSize=100) However, we realized we had a couple endpoints that were allowing 1000 results per page. We have closed this loophole, particularly for GET v1/products/assignments.


  • We did some back end refactoring of Search 2.0 to improve performance and reliability, particularly around the use of complicated logic filters for values.

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