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API v1.0.24 Release Notes

Released on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Features

  • Security Profiles can now be assigned at the party level. (Buyer, User Group, User) These Security Profiles will be inherited, so a user's total roles will actually be the total sum of these inherited profiles. In order to see what roles a user actually has, user.AvailableRoles is an array listing all the roles that user has.

  • Because security profiles can be assigned at the Buyer level, apps can now use self-signup of users more easily.

  • Administration of Admin Users is more granular now with new AdminUserReader and AdminUserAdmin roles for Security Profiles.

  • We added XP to Approval Rules.

  • We added the option to limit usage of a Promotion to once per customer.

  • We added a read-only RedemptionCount to Promotions, so that users will be able to report more easily on how often a Promotions is used.

  • We have added the ability to set a default ShipFrom address on a product, so that it will always show as shipping from that address.

  • Admin Users can now be put into Admin User Groups, much like Buyer Users/Buyer User Groups.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, you would occasionally get a 409 error when PATCHing an order. This has now been fixed.

Breaking Changes

  • Integration Proxy responses are now more clear about where an error is coming from.

  • We changed how we store refresh tokens. This adds more security, as well as allowing us to have an unlimited refresh token. All apps will have to reauthorize after we deploy API 24.

  • As the Category List endpoint now supports filtering a list of categories by parentID, we have removed: GET categories/xyz/categories (Categories.ListChildren) GET me/categories/xyz/categories (Me.Categories.ListSubcategories)

  • Providing a parentID parameter explicitly in Category List is now redundant. Users should check that you are using the latest version of your SDK.

  • Username is now required to be unique within a seller network. This opens up better possibilities for multiple buyers within one app, and a better user verification process. If you have not updated your username before the API 24 deploy when contacted, you will not be able to log in.

  • We have changed our integration proxy base URL from to If you use an integration within your app, please verify your url has been updated.

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