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API v1.0.51 Release Notes

Released on Sunday, May 7, 2017

New Features

  • Improved performance for me/categories and me/product lists.

  • We've added some more debug information to OpenConnectID errors.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, we required CatalogAdmin and ProductAdmin to list Catalog and Product assignments, respectively. This is now changed to be consistent with other assignment listing role checks so that the user only needs CatalogReader / ProductReader.

  • Now, if you patch a line item unit price with either null or an empty string, the price will be recalculated.

  • No more 500 error when you try to delete a category with children.

  • Generating variant IDs for Spec Option IDs that have blank spaces in their values will no longer result in IDs with spaces. Now all spaces are translated as -.

  • Trying to patch ShipWeight/Height/Width/Length with a string no longer throws an error.

  • Trying to patch a spec option with an invalid ID returns a 404 now.

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