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API v1.0.21 Release Notes

Released on Wednesday, June 22, 2016


  • Endpoint arguments that exist in the model, which the endpoint returns, and that have listArgs, have been removed. Example: - v1/buyers/{buyerID}/categories/assignments This endpoint accepts buyerID, categoryID, userID, userGroupID, level, and listArgs. buyerID is required because it is part of the route. level should also be included because it is not part of the CategoryAssignment model. However, categoryID, userID, and userGroupID are all part of the CategoryAssignment model and can therefore be added to the Filters field within listArgs (since in both cases they will be included as query string parameters).

  • The State and Zipcode validation has been updated. For Addresses with US country code, it is now required to have a State and Zipcode. For non-US addresses, it is not required.

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