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API v1.0.16 Release Notes

Released on Wednesday, May 4, 2016


  • Buyer users can now can get a list of the products assigned to themselves. This used to require multiple API calls.This is now a single call.

  • There is now the ability to list security profiles in the API itself and not just in DevCenter (as before).

  • When logged in as a buyer user you can now list their assigned security profiles

  • There is now the ability to create personal addresses (billing and shipping) outside the organization.

  • There is now the ability to create a personal list of saved credit cards outside the organization. Users can now add, update, and delete personal credit cards.

  • Shipment XP - XP can now be used on Shipments

  • Address XP - XP can now be used on Addresses.

  • API Client XP - XP can now be used on a client organization.

  • There are now more advanced search and filtering capabilities available on Addresses, Credit Cards, Specs, and Buyer Categories. This new search capability allows for more advanced filtering and fuzzy searches on lists. Take a look at the new, searchable attributes here.

  • The API has been updated to allow for Anonymous Shopping within the OrderCloud platform. This update allows for much more flexibility in the buyer user workflow. In the past, buyer users had to be registered in order to purchase products. Now, they can go through the entire shopping workflow without signing in.

  • Spec Options can now be designated as the Default Spec Option for a Spec.

  • There is now the ability to create registration off of a temp user. A user can start with a temp user session and when they choose to profile themselves, a new user based on the template is created.

  • Temp users can create an order but nothing else on Me. It is now impossible for a temp user to create Me data outside of an order.

  • A SpecCount can now be shown to designate how many options are set up for a particular Spec.

  • The Docs section of Devcenter has been reorganized to better reflect how people are actually using the API.

  • We fixed a bug so that users can now filter on XP in the /me endpoint lists.

  • Multiple bug fixes were also included in this release.

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