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Introducing Search Index Tools for Portal

A new set of tools for troubleshooting search index issues

Published by Erin Dustin on Tue Jan 24 2023


Using Order Search to Suit Your Needs

OrderCloud's Premium Search on Orders gives you the ability to get a list of orders and line items with more flexibility.

Published by Cynthia Rico-Mendoza on Mon May 23 2022


Premium Search for Orders

Significant enhancements to querying orders and line items.

Published by Todd Menier on Sat Mar 05 2022

Last updated on Mon Oct 09 2023


What's New for Premium Search

Premium Search is now available on product admin endpoints, and introducing the new searchType parameter.

Published by Todd Menier on Mon Mar 30 2020

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Introducing Premium Search

Premium Search is the next evolution in search technology offered by the OrderCloud platform, powered by Elasticsearch.

Published by Todd Menier on Mon Apr 29 2019

SearchProduct Catalogs

Advanced Querying

Most OrderCloud resources have list endpoints that can return thousands, even hundreds of thousands of items. We understand that effectively querying this data is not only practical but necessary and have built an assortment of API tools to help pinpoint and extract the exact data you and your users need.

Published by Todd Menier on Thu Nov 24 2016

Last updated on Thu Sep 23 2021

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