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Product Collections

Published by Miranda Posthumus on June 6, 2022

New OrderCloud resource enabling buyer users to save lists of products. This feature can be used to build features like "Save For Later" (moving products from an active Order to a ProductCollection), favorite products, or custom wish lists.

Key Highlights

  • Only products visible to the buyer user (returned from GET me/products) can be added to a ProductCollection

  • ProductCollections have a limit of 500 products each

  • There is no limit on how many ProductCollections an individual buyer user can create

  • Currently ProductCollections are only visible to the buyer user who created them

    • We may expand functionality in the future to allow making lists public within a buyer organization and/or sharing lists with specific users

New Resource: ProductCollection

"ProductCollection": {
  "ID": "",
  "Name": "",
  "xp": {}


  • GET v1/me/productcollections

  • GET v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}

  • POST v1/me/productcollections

  • PUT v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}

  • PATCH v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}

  • DELETE v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}

  • GET v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}/products

    • List products in an existing collection

    • Subject to all product visibility requirements

  • PUT v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}/{productID}

    • Add a product to an existing collection

  • DELETE v1/me/productcollections/{productCollectionID}/{productID}

    • Remove a product from an existing collection

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