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The Possibilities of Product Collections

Learn how Product Collections can help you achieve various experiences for your buyers.

Published by Ashley Wilson on Fri Sep 08 2023

ConfigurationProduct Catalogs

Product Collection Enhancements

Expansion of Product Collections to support more flexible use cases

Published by Galina Vorobyova on Mon Jun 26 2023

CustomizationsProduct Catalogs

Child Products

Introducing Child Products, a new feature set that enables developers to define a product as a Parent and subsequently create Child products.

Published by Galina Vorobyova on Thu Feb 09 2023

Product Catalogs

Ad-Hoc Products

Add products from an external system directly to an OrderCloud order

Published by Todd Menier on Tue Jun 21 2022

Last updated on Tue May 16 2023

Product CatalogsIntegrationsOrdering

Product Collections

New feature enabling buyer users to save lists of products.

Published by Miranda Posthumus on Mon Jun 06 2022

Last updated on Mon Jun 26 2023

Product Catalogs

Sale Prices using Price Schedules

Overview of new feature to allow sale prices for products. Price schedules can be used to provide sale pricing while optionally using a date/time range to control the application of the sale price.

Published by Rob Lloyd on Thu Mar 03 2022

Last updated on Thu Mar 24 2022

Product Catalogs

Multi-Location Inventory

Overview of a new feature to allow tracking of product inventory across multiple locations.

Published by Miranda Posthumus on Tue Jan 04 2022

Last updated on Mon Apr 03 2023

Product CatalogsFulfillment

Working with Product Specs

Creating complex products with specs.

Published by Andrew Sutherland on Tue Dec 21 2021

Product CatalogsConfiguration

What's New for Premium Search

Premium Search is now available on product admin endpoints, and introducing the new searchType parameter.

Published by Todd Menier on Mon Mar 30 2020

SearchProduct CatalogsOrdering

Introducing Premium Search

Premium Search is the next evolution in search technology offered by the OrderCloud platform, powered by Elasticsearch.

Published by Todd Menier on Mon Apr 29 2019

SearchProduct Catalogs

Same Product, Multiple Price Schedules

Price schedules are one of the critical factors related to product visibility and there are several ways that you can build relationships between products and price schedules.

Published by Miranda Posthumus on Tue Jul 24 2018

Product Catalogs

Product Visibility Requirements

You have many options to achieve product visibility, each with a unique purpose. The path you take depends on your business requirements. By the end of this guide you will be familiar enough with the available product visibility options to choose a method that works best for your marketplace.

Published by Miranda Posthumus on Sat Jan 14 2017

Last updated on Wed Oct 26 2022

Product Catalogs

Catalog Visibility Rules

Learn about these powerful features aimed at simplifying catalog management.

Published by Todd Menier on Wed Nov 30 2016

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