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Introducing Order Returns

Published by Miranda Danielson on May 16, 2022

We’re excited to present a new set of features to enable all aspects of the Order Returns process.

Key Highlights

  • An OrderReturn must be affiliated with an existing Order, and ItemsToReturn must be affiliated with existing LineItems

  • An OrderReturn is not required to have any ItemsToReturn, and ItemsToReturn are not required to have a Quantity specified

    • This allows flexibility for providing refunds not associated with the return of a physical item

    • Examples include refunding an expedited shipping charge due to processing delays or providing a partial discount on an item that arrived damaged

  • A user with the Shopper role can create an OrderReturn for any order from them (Order.FromUserID)

    • Anonymous users are prohibited from creating or modifying OrderReturns

  • A user with the OrderAdmin role can create an OrderReturn for any Order visible to them

    • For Marketplace Owners this is all orders in the marketplace

    • For other Sellers (Suppliers) this is orders placed to them (Order.ToCompanyID)

    • For Buyer users this is orders placed from their company (Order.FromCompanyID)

  • Order.Status must be Open or Completed to create an associated OrderReturn

    • If Order.Status is Open, only the quantity of a given item that has already shipped will be eligible to return

  • Date based return policies can be enforced in your UI, and/or by using the new SellerApprovalRules resource

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New Resource: OrderReturn

"OrderReturn": {
  "ID": "",
  "OrderID": "",
  "PaymentIDs": [],
  "Status": "",
  "RefundAmount": 0,
  "ItemsToReturn": [],
  "DateCreated": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "DateSubmitted": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "DateApproved": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "DateDeclined": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "DateCanceled": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "DateCompleted": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "LastUpdated": "2022-01-04T00:00:00.00+00:00",
  "xp": {}

"ItemToReturn": {
  "LineItemID": "",
  "Quantity": 0,
  "RefundAmount": 0,
  "Comments": ""


  • GET v1/orderreturns

    • Use the optional approvable filter to list OrderReturns awaiting the user's approval

  • GET v1/orderreturns/{returnID}

  • POST v1/orderreturns

  • PUT v1/orderreturns/{returnid}

  • PATCH v1/orderreturns/{returnid}

  • DELETE v1/orderreturns/{returnid}

  • DELETE v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/items/{lineitemid}

    • Creating or Updating Items can be done via POST/PUT/PATCH for OrderReturns

  • POST v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/submit

  • POST v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/approve

  • POST v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/decline

  • POST v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/cancel

  • POST v1/orderreturns/{returnid}/complete

  • GET v1/orderreturns/{returnID}/approvals

  • GET v1/orderreturns/{returnID}/eliglbleapprovers


  • OrderID is required, as is LineItemID on ItemsToReturn

  • OrderReturn.RefundAmount is the sum of all RefundAmounts on ItemsToReturn. If there are no ItemsToReturn, Order.RefundAmount is writable by users with the OrderAdmin role

New Resource: SellerApprovalRule

"SellerApprovalRule": {
  "ID": "",
  "Name": "",
  "Type": "OrderReturn",
  "Description": "",
  "OwnerID": "",
  "ApprovingGroupID": "",
  "RuleExpression": "",


  • GET v1/approvalrules

  • GET v1/approvalrules/{ruleID}

  • POST v1/approvalrules

  • PUt v1/approvalrules/{ruleID}

  • PATCH v1/approvalrules/{ruleID}

  • DELETE v1/approvalrules/{ruleID}


  • This resource is not available to buyer users, regardless of assigned roles

  • OwnerID is the ID of the organization who owns the rule. Only the Marketplace Owner can write a value other than their own organization ID. The value is used to look up the ApprovingGroupID and determine who is eligible to administer the rule

  • To enable date based RuleExpressions the rules engine now supports a new custom function now() which accepts an integer as a parameter

    • For example, if you wanted any OrderReturn associated with an Order that was completed prior to 30 days ago to route for approval, you would set up an SellerApprovalRule with a RuleExpression of Order.DateCompleted < now(-30)

    • Additionally, a developer can choose to enforce logic in the UI to prevent an OrderReturn from being initiated on Orders completed more than a specific time ago

  • OrderReturn is the only supported Type currently - we plan to expand this functionality to Order Approvals in the future

New IntegrationEvent Type: OrderReturn

OrderCloud does not provide an opinion on RefundAmount at the OrderReturn or ItemToReturn levels due to the fact there are an infinite number of ways a seller might wish to calculate a refund, which would likely include complicated external events such as adjusting tax collection records. Since we are unable to provide an informed opinion, we provide sellers with the opportunity to set up a custom IntegrationEvent to handle OrderReturn calculations.

Payload provided by OrderCloud to the CustomImplementationUrl

"OrderReturnPayload": {
  "OrderReturn": {},
  "OrderWorksheet": {}

Response expected by OrderCloud

"OrderReturnResponse": {
  "RefundAmount": 0,
  "ItemsToReturnCalcs": []

"LineItemReturnCalculation": {
  "LineItemID": "",
  "RefundAmount": ""


  • The endpoint the Integration Event will POST the payload to is /calculateorderreturn at the CustomImplementationUrl

  • Unlike other IntegrationEvent types, there are no publicly available endpoints associated with the event. It is called from within the OrderCloud code when an OrderReturn is created or updated

  • If a user with the OrderAdmin role passes in a valid RefundAmount (either one for every ItemToReturn or if there are no ItemsToReturn a value at the OrderReturn level), the IntegrationEvent will not be called

  • If a user with the Shopper role submits a return but ApiClient.OrderReturnIntegrationEventID is not set then the IntegrationEvent will not be called however all RefundAmount properties will be set to null

New Message Sender Types

  • OrderReturnSubmitted

  • OrderReturnApproved

  • OrderReturnDeclined

  • OrderReturnCompleted

  • OrderReturnSubmittedForApproval

  • OrderReturnSubmittedForYourApproval

  • OrderReturnSubmittedForYourApprovalHasBeenApproved

  • OrderReturnSubmittedForYourApprovalHasBeenDeclined


  • To assign a MessageSender to the Marketplace Owner, leave both BuyerID and SupplierID null when creating the MessageSender assignment

New Properties


  • Used to populate OrderReturn.PaymentIDs

  • Refunds may not exceed the corresponding Order.Total or the refund amount on the OrderReturn

  • Payment.Amount should be negative to reflect a refund

  • Once a payment (or payments) has been created with an Amount equal to the OrderReturn.RefundAmount the OrderReturn will be marked as complete


  • Specify whether or not a product can be returned

  • API will restrict creating a return for a given LineItem.Product if this is false if user does not have OrderAdmin


  • If populated, the OrderReturn Integration Event will be called when creating or updating an OrderReturn

Unsubmitted OrderReturn Cleanup

  • Unsubmitted OrderReturns that have not been updated in the past 14 days will be deleted

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