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Marketplace Ownership

Things to consider when choosing a Marketplace Owner.

Published by Jason Rogalski on Mon Nov 20 2023

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Customer Loyalty Programs

OrderCloud’s principle of flexibility over features is proven in supporting the management of loyalty reward programs for your e-commerce solutions.

Published by Steve Davis on Fri Jul 28 2023

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New feature enabling subscription ordering for buyer users.

Published by Alexa Snyder on Mon Apr 10 2023

Last updated on Thu Aug 31 2023

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Introducing the Cart API

New endpoints aimed at simplifying development of the shopping experience.

Published by DJ Steinmetz on Thu Sep 01 2022

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OrderCloud Supported Regions and Environments

Information about Order Cloud API servers for all supported regions and environments.

Published by Ivan Brygar on Tue May 31 2022

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Marketplaces in OrderCloud

Moving beyond single-seller environments

Published by Todd Menier on Fri Apr 02 2021

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OrderCloud Regions

Regions The Portal supports managing marketplaces across multiple regions. As Sitecore OrderCloud continues to expand globally, the ability to quickly spin up a marketplace in a physical location near client operations will be critical.

Published by Rob Watt on Mon Aug 31 2020

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OrderCloud Environments

The Portal allows users to access marketplaces from OrderCloud Sandbox, Staging, and Production in a single user interface.

Published by Rob Watt on Mon Aug 31 2020

Last updated on Fri Jan 14 2022

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Four Reasons You Should Stop Using PUT For Updates

To update an existing resource, when should you use PUT and when should you use PATCH? Here are 4 reasons why you should stop using PUT for updates.

Published by Todd Menier on Fri May 20 2016

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Flexibility Over Features

Removing constraints and broadening the possibilities of how the OrderCloud data model can be utilized allows you to leverage best-in-breed components.

Published by Todd Menier on Thu Apr 07 2016

Last updated on Thu Feb 25 2021

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Understanding OrderCloud Assignments

When you save an assignment you are creating a relationship between a party and an object (OrderCloud "thing" such as product, category, etc). For example you might assign a usergroup to a category, thereby granting a user in that group visibility to that category.

Published by Todd Menier on Tue Nov 24 2015

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