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Customer Loyalty Programs

OrderCloud’s principle of flexibility over features is proven in supporting the management of loyalty reward programs for your e-commerce solutions.

Published by Steve Davis on Fri Jul 28 2023

CustomizationsIntegrationsMain Concepts

Delivery Configuration

OrderCloud introduces Delivery Configuration which is an integration mechanism that allows you define where certain events are to be published.

Published by Marc Bednar on Wed Jun 28 2023


Tracking Events

OrderCloud introduces Tracking Events for commerce solutions, offering analytical insights and infrastructure for targeted systems. Coupled with Sitecore's Send & Discover products, it provides automation without being an analytics solution. It also allows for an external endpoint configuration to reduce development time and avoid browser restrictions.

Published by Marc Bednar on Thu Feb 23 2023

Last updated on Wed Jun 28 2023


Order Returns - Handling Calculations

Learn how to implement a strategy for handling calculations in your Order Returns solution.

Published by Max Maher on Wed Jul 06 2022


Ad-Hoc Products

Add products from an external system directly to an OrderCloud order

Published by Todd Menier on Tue Jun 21 2022

Last updated on Tue May 16 2023

Product CatalogsIntegrationsOrdering

Pre-built Checkout Integrations in .NET

Accelerate your development of checkout integrations in .NET by understanding OrderCloud's packages and starter projects.

Published by Oliver Heywood on Mon Jun 20 2022


Message Senders

Message Senders is a feature that helps to deliver event-driven notifications to users based on certain key commerce activities.

Published by Crhistian Ramirez-Hernandez on Mon May 23 2022


How to Globalize your eCommerce

In November, a new Locale feature was released to simplify globalization efforts for solutions where commerce spans across regions with different currencies and languages*. Review this guide for the use case that matches your business most, and look at the examples for recommendations on how to model your solution.

Published by Ashley Wilson on Thu Nov 04 2021


Order Checkout Integration Event

With many ecommerce systems, what a customer pays for tax and shipping, or how their promotion discount is applied to their order can be difficult to determine at the time they’re checking out. The Order Checkout Integration Event was designed to make these calculations and estimations more customizable to better suit your business needs.

Published by Jeff Ilse on Wed Oct 06 2021

Last updated on Thu May 19 2022


Using Webhooks

The OrderCloud API supports user-defined HTTP callbacks, known as webhooks. You can choose exactly which OrderCloud API endpoints will trigger your hook, the roles to be passed onto the configured Base URL, and any additional configuration data OrderCloud may need to authenticate into 3rd party systems.

Published by Jake Hookom on Sun Apr 04 2021


How to Calculate Tax with OrderCloud

This guide is designed to be an overview of how we support tax calculation integration and management with some focus on a particular vendor we recommend highly, Avalara.

Published by Steve Davis on Wed Mar 24 2021


Start .NET middleware from Scratch

Step by step instructions to stand up a hosted middleware using .NET Catalyst

Published by Oliver Heywood on Wed Mar 10 2021

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