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Customer Loyalty Programs

OrderCloud’s principle of flexibility over features is proven in supporting the management of loyalty reward programs for your e-commerce solutions.

Published by Steve Davis on Fri Jul 28 2023

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Product Collection Enhancements

Expansion of Product Collections to support more flexible use cases

Published by Galina Vorobyova on Mon Jun 26 2023

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Using Webhooks

The OrderCloud API supports user-defined HTTP callbacks, known as webhooks. You can choose exactly which OrderCloud API endpoints will trigger your hook, the roles to be passed onto the configured Base URL, and any additional configuration data OrderCloud may need to authenticate into 3rd party systems.

Published by Jake Hookom on Sun Apr 04 2021


Advanced Querying

Most OrderCloud resources have list endpoints that can return thousands, even hundreds of thousands of items. We understand that effectively querying this data is not only practical but necessary and have built an assortment of API tools to help pinpoint and extract the exact data you and your users need.

Published by Todd Menier on Thu Nov 24 2016

Last updated on Thu Sep 23 2021


Leveraging Extended Properties in the Development of Custom eCommerce Apps

We can't predict every column in every table that your hypothetical database might need. That's why we created our own schema-less solution with Extended Properties (XP) and exposed it on every API resource.

Published by Steve Davis on Sat Sep 03 2016


XP Best Practices

This is not intended to be an introductory post. It's less about learning something you don't know and more about un-learning something you think you know.

Published by Todd Menier on Thu Apr 07 2016


Using Extended Properties

The reality of all enterprise platforms is the need to customize the data model. To accommodate this, OrderCloud designed a property called Extended Properties (XP) to allow enterprise customization of the OrderCloud data model.

Published by Rob Watt on Mon Nov 09 2015


Me and My Stuff

OrderCloud provides the Me Resource whose job it is to flatten these assignments for the currently authenticated user and just "show me what I can see" regardless at which level these assignments are made.

Published by Rob Watt on Wed Feb 25 2015

Last updated on Wed Feb 25 2015

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