Portal v1.0.27 Release Notes

Released on Monday, April 13th, 2020 at 12 PM CST

Regular maintenance release containing a bug fixes and UI improvements based on feedback gathered from the new Portal survey (you can still take it here!).

New Portal Navigation!

In preparation for upcoming projects and feature expansion the Portal has been given a new global navigation element in the form of a left-anchored drawer. The dashboard will continue to function as a homepage where we plan on adding more useful widgets in the future. You can view all of your organizations in a table view, sort by multiple columns, and filter on the ones you own. Any of your API Console tabs are now accessible from anywhere in the Portal. Additionally your profile is now nested underneath a Settings tab, as many more settings are to come!

Bug fixes

  • API Console pressing Enter to send after filling out some request details would sometimes not send all request details
  • Extra long request URLs were eating up all the space in the request tab toolbar
  • Proper validation of initial seller/buyer password during Organization Create
  • Enahnced UI for API Clients now allows editing of IsAnonBuyer field


  • Show organization owners their data access
  • Allow filtering on organziations you own
  • Add a "Copy Request URL" button to items in the Request History Menu
  • Enhanced Roles Selector now available in the regular API Console view