Portal v1.0.24 Release Notes

Released on Thursday, February 27th, 2020 at 2 PM CST

Regular maintenance release containing a bug fixes and UI improvements based on feedback gathered from the new Portal survey (you can still take it here!).

Bug fixes

  • Users were unable to change the sort direction when utilizing the "Sort By" parameter in the API Console
  • API Console tabs were not automatically re-authenticating after the Portal User signed out and back in
  • Enhanced UI will now show users with lower data access a "read-only" user experience
  • Security Profiles in Enhanced UI were not showing the correct assigned roles count (custom roles were left out)
  • You can now right click items in the top navigation and open them in a new tab


  • Deleting & transferring seller organizations now requires the owner to enter their password before proceeding
  • The API Console request form will now be validated before sending API calls
  • Scrollbars in the API Console are larger and more visible, the response body scrollbar will always be visible