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At least one of the roles below is required to access this endpoint.



NameTypeDescriptionPossible Values
directionRequiredstringDirection of the order, from the current user's perspective. Possible values: incoming, outgoing, all.Incoming, Outgoing, All
buyerIDstringID of the buyer.---
supplierIDstringID of the supplier.---
fromstringLower bound of date range that the order was created.---
tostringUpper bound of date range that the order was created.---
searchstringWord or phrase to search for.---
searchOnarrayComma-delimited list of fields to search on.ID, FromCompanyID, ToCompanyID, Comments
searchTypestringType of search to perform. Possible values: AnyTerm (default), AllTermsAnyField, AllTermsSameField, ExactPhrase, ExactPhrasePrefix.AnyTerm, AllTermsAnyField, AllTermsSameField, ExactPhrase, ExactPhrasePrefix
sortByarrayComma-delimited list of fields to sort by.DateSubmitted, DateCreated, ID, FromCompanyID, ToCompanyID, FromUserID, Status, DateApproved, DateDeclined, DateCanceled, DateCompleted, LastUpdated, Subtotal, ShippingCost, TaxCost, PromotionDiscount, Total, IsSubmitted, !DateSubmitted, !DateCreated, !ID, !FromCompanyID, !ToCompanyID, !FromUserID, !Status, !DateApproved, !DateDeclined, !DateCanceled, !DateCompleted, !LastUpdated, !Subtotal, !ShippingCost, !TaxCost, !PromotionDiscount, !Total, !IsSubmitted
pageintegerPage of results to return. Default: 1. When paginating through many items (> page 30), we recommend the "Last ID" method, as outlined in the Advanced Querying documentation.---
pageSizeintegerNumber of results to return per page. Default: 20, max: 100.---
filtersobjectAn object or dictionary representing key/value pairs to apply as filters. Valid keys are top-level properties of the returned model or 'xp.???'---

Response Body

PropertyTypeFormatMax LengthPossible Values
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