Sitecore Ordercloud


An Order represents a business transaction between two parties. It typically consists of a collection of Line Items, a Payment Method, Tax and Shipping information, etc. The OrderCloud platform defines various "actions" that can be performed against Orders, such as Submit, Approve, Ship, etc. These actions transform the state of the order and often trigger external events such as financial transactions.

Get a list of orders.
Create a new order.
Get a single order.
Create or update an order.
Delete an order.
Partially update an order.
Get a list of order approvals.
Approve an order.
Set a billing address.
Partially update an order billing address.
Cancel an order.
Complete an order.
Decline an order.
Get a list of order eligible approvers.
Forward an order.
Override order creator details.
Get a list of order promotions.
Add a promotion to an order.
Remove a promotion from an order.
Create a new shipment containing all items on an order.
List shipments for an order.
Set a shipping address.
Partially update an order shipping address.
Split an order.
Submit an order submit.
Validate an order in its current state.