Today, we’re excited to announce that we gave the dashboard a new look, making it more intuitive, more organized, more mobile-friendly and easier for you to use.

Note: the log-in URL has changed from to, so make sure to update any bookmarks you have!

We’ve upgraded the overall layout based off of feedback from our community of developers. However, we’ve also incorporated some new features that we’re excited for you to check out.

What’s New In the Dashboard

Locking Parameters in the API Console

We’ve increased the number of lockable parameters in the API console, allowing you to make more API calls faster. dashboard

Easier Integrations

Select the integration you want on your site, and then just follow our step-by-step guides to get it up and running. Our integration list is steadily growing, so stay tuned. integrations

Improved Notifications

We’ve put a lot of time into our notifications, ensuring that you know exactly when you get an error, success, or just need to be notified about our latest release notes. dashboard dashboard

Providing Feedback For Documentation

We’re always working to make our documentation better. Let us know if the content was helpful with the click of a button. dashboard


Upgraded Account Profile

Check out our new account page, where it’s easier for you to manage your organizations, passwords and settings. dashboard


See for yourself – check out the changes by logging in here.