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Viewing Products

Listing Buyer Products

Let's retrieve a list of products available to our buyer user.

Get a list of buyer products
Authorization: Bearer INSERT_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8;

Notice we did not pass any parameters yet. Your response should look something like this:

	"Meta": {
		"Facets": [],
		"Page": 1,
		"PageSize": 20,
		"TotalCount": 1,
		"TotalPages": 1,
		"ItemRange": [
	"Items": [
			"PriceSchedule": {
				"ID": "SHIRT_PRICE",
				"Name": "Cotton T-Shirt Price",
				"ApplyTax": false,
				"ApplyShipping": false,
				"MinQuantity": 1,
				"MaxQuantity": null,
				"UseCumulativeQuantity": false,
				"RestrictedQuantity": false,
				"PriceBreaks": [
						"Quantity": 1,
						"Price": 10
				"xp": null
			"ID": "SHIRT",
			"Name": "Cotton T-Shirt",
			"Description": "A plain white, cotton shirt for everyday use.",
			"QuantityMultiplier": 1,
			"ShipWeight": null,
			"ShipHeight": null,
			"ShipWidth": null,
			"ShipLength": null,
			"Active": true,
			"SpecCount": 0,
			"VariantCount": 0,
			"ShipFromAddressID": null,
			"Inventory": null,
			"DefaultSupplierID": null,
	                "AllSuppliersCanSell": false,
			"xp": null

As you can see, OrderCloud has flattened out the relationships between our buyer user and the SHIRT product. The buyer user's organization, BUYER_ORGANIZATION, has the default catalog BUYER_ORGANIZATION, which has the SHIRT product assigned to it with a default price schedule of SHIRT_PRICE.

Buyer Product Model

My Products introduces a new OrderCloud model called BuyerProduct here. This type of product has a price schedule attached as a sub-object, allowing developers quick access to pricing information without needing to make additional API calls.

List Page with Facets

Another interesting part of this response model is the Facets property within the Meta information. Facets are unique to resources that have been enhanced with elastic search in OrderCloud's backend. This topic is covered in other reading.


Introducing Premium Search

Browsing Other Catalogs

The buyer product list request provides a way for buyer users to browse other product catalogs (when assigned to more than just their organizations default catalog). This can be done using the CatalogID option.

Browsing by Category

If one of these other catalogs had categories in it, one would be able to filter buyer products by category using the CategoryID property.


Buyer Product List Parameters

Creating a unique experience entirely depends on how you take advantage of the parameters available to you. You can create a faceted product search, a category browse experience, or something completely custom using advanced querying.


Advanced Querying

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