Submitting Your First Order

Introduce yourself to API Resources and endpoints related to typical submission processes and how to submit your first Buyer Order.

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In the previous guides you created an empty order and then populated it with a line item containing two of our Cotton T-shirt product.

Shipping Estimates

In a normal order checkout process, one would expect to provide a shipping address and thereby have a choice of shipping providers to choose from. This is what the Shipping Estimates integration is for and will be covered in later documentation.

Order Calculate

When a Shipper is selected or pre-configured by the application, at that point a Order Calculate would be run to update ShippingCost and TaxCost using a third party provider and elevated API roles. Again, this is beyond the scope of this guide and covered in later documentation.

Submitting the Order

Once you have an order with at least one Line Item, you are able to use the Order Submit endpoint to change the Order's status from Unsubmitted to Open. Wherein the seller perspective or automation would take over fulfillment.

Authorization: Bearer INSERT_ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE
Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8;

The response should look something like this:

	"ID": "PKTiEFNEiEi9mEmC9cZCrw",
	"FromUser": {
		"Username": "buyer01",
		"Password": null,
		"FirstName": "Buyer",
		"LastName": "User",
		"Email": "",
		"Phone": null,
		"TermsAccepted": null,
		"Active": true,
		"xp": null,
		"AvailableRoles": null,
	        "Locale": null,
		"DateCreated": "2021-02-08T23:09:14.82+00:00",
		"PasswordLastSetDate": "2021-02-08T23:10:00.56+00:00"
	"ToCompanyID": "bClEeDV0f9GjjkGD",
	"FromUserID": "BUYER_USER",
	"BillingAddressID": null,
	"BillingAddress": null,
	"ShippingAddressID": null,
	"Comments": null,
	"LineItemCount": 1,
	"Status": "Open",
	"DateCreated": "2021-02-23T20:39:03.173+00:00",
	"DateSubmitted": "2021-03-01T22:37:59.267+00:00",
	"DateApproved": null,
	"DateDeclined": null,
	"DateCanceled": null,
	"DateCompleted": null,
	"LastUpdated": "2021-03-01T22:37:59.267+00:00",
	"Subtotal": 20,
	"ShippingCost": 0,
	"TaxCost": 0,
	"PromotionDiscount": 0,
	"Total": 20,
	"IsSubmitted": true,
	"LineItems": null,
	"xp": null

The order now has IsSubmitted set to true, Status is set to "Open", and the DateSubmitted property has been set.

Congratulations on submitting your first OrderCloud order! In the next chapter we will cover how the seller perspective can view this order and take it through the fulfillment process.