GC Incentives, the corporate client division of GiftCertificates.com, is the leading provider of innovative reward solutions and services tailored to fit the needs of the corporate marketplace. GC Incentives creates individualized client incentive programs for their employees that are accessed through an online portal.

Historically, GC Incentives had built incentive programs on a legacy platform that was not able to keep up with the technology demands of the industry. It required a number of IT resources to operate and it couldn’t support the customization that their clientele was demanding. GC Incentives needed a platform that would allow for individually branded sites with completely different goals and features for each client. It also needed to be easily managed and operated by fewer IT resources and those who did not understand the ins and outs of code.

Enter OrderCloud.io.

OrderCloud.io allowed GC Incentives to easily set up client-specific buyer sites for each of their major accounts.

They could develop the sites faster and with fewer IT resources, lowering costs and improving time-to-market for their customers and prospects.

“In working with Four51, we have been able to solve any business challenge in an innovative way so we can continue to deliver great service and solutions to our clients via OrderCloud.io.”  ~Krissy A., Director of Marketing & Product Management, GiftCertificates.com


Organizations allow developers to create multiple storefronts with a single admin interface. They are the highest level container that encompasses everything else in OrderCloud.io, including products, pricing, users, etc. Within an organization you can have multiple buyers, each with their own application. This makes it easy for companies, like GC Incentives, to create individually branded sites with completely different goals and features for each of their clients, all controlled by the same admin application.


You can learn more about Organizations in the API Reference, or try building your own via the API Console.

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