Today, instant communication is expected in any online shopping or buying experience. You expect to know minutes after you press “Submit” that your order is confirmed and is set to ship. You expect immediate communications when you place an order. If you forget your password, you expect to be able to create a new one, even if it is in the middle of the night when customer service reps are not available.

That’s why we developed a new feature available on to make it easier to build and automate communications with your customers. Message Senders lets developers easily customize and assign transactional emails through Message Senders relies on MailChimp’s API-driven email service – Mandrill. Each Message Sender in delivers a group of predefined emails, which can then be assigned to the parties that should receive those emails using the Message Sender API. You can have multiple different message senders per User, User Group, Buyer Org, Admin User, Admin User Group, or for the entire Admin (seller) Organization by assigning the Message Sender via the API. Message Senders make setting up transactional emails with Mandrill for your B2B eCommerce experience a piece of cake.

Within the dashboard, you’ll see some of the email templates we’ve created to help you get started:

  • Forgotten Password
  • Order Submitted
  • Order Submitted For Approval
  • Order Approved
  • Order Declined
  • Order Submitted For Your Approval
  • Order Submitted For Your Approval Has Been Approved
  • Order Submitted For Your Approval Has Been Declined
  • Shipment Created

You can customize the TemplateName for each predefined email, enabling full control of your email templates. This can be done either right inside the dashboard, or from within your MailChimp account and interface.

If you don’t have a MailChimp or Mandrill account, don’t fret. The dashboard allows you to customize the subject and sender. However, if you do have a Mandrill account, you can easily customize the entire message that way, too.

Let’s say you want to start from scratch and create a custom message for users who forget their password. First, you’ll create your desired email template in MailChimp. MailChimp has a very flexible interface, with options to choose pre-built themes, drag and drop templates, or simply code your own.

Once you’ve created and saved your template, just send the template to Mandrill using the drop-down menu in MailChimp.Mandrill Transactional Emails

You also have the option to just create your template within the Mandrill API. On the Outbound page, you’ll find a section dedicated to Templates and a button to create your own.

Mandrill Transactional Emails

Once you’ve got the template created, head to your Dashboard in Within your organization, select “Message Senders” from the left menu.

message senders

Create a new Message Sender by selecting + Message Sender. To use your own account you’ll need to check “Use My Mandrill Account” and enter your API key. Finally, select which message type you are customizing. In this case, you’ll want to enable the Forgotten Password type and set the template name to match what you called your custom template in MailChimp:

message senders

When finished, make sure to scroll to the bottom and save. Your Message Sender will now be available for assignment in the API, and when a customer requests a new password, they will receive the customized email that you created within Mandrill or MailChimp.

Try it for yourself! Sign-up for here and create your first Message Sender. If you’re building something cool, share it with us on Twitter!