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Stay up to date on OrderCloud with RSS Feeds!

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DJ Steinmetz

Published by DJ Steinmetz

January 7th, 2022

Available Feeds

Stay up to date with the most recent OrderCloud API and Portal releases with RSS feeds.

Suggested Use Cases

There are several ways to consume RSS feeds, here are some of the ways we suggest.

  1. Receive updates in Slack
    • Add the RSS app to your Slack workspace. The RSS app will fetch feeds periodically and post updates to the specified channel. Learn more here.
  2. Use a desktop feed reader
    • While there are a lot of desktop RSS readers on the market, a great and free option is There is also a Google Chrome extension for Feedly that allows you to detect and subscribe to RSS feeds.

Future Development

In an effort to keep the community well informed, it is possible that we expand RSS feeds to include the Knowledge Base Guides and Articles.