WHO: Prograde and Support One

LOCATION:  Cincinnati, OH and Golden, CO

INTERVIEWEES: Dan Schroer, CEO of Prograde  |  Jason Sproles, President of Support One


Prograde is a Print Distributor “focused on eliminating pain points for their clients,” said Dan Schroer, CEO of Prograde. To keep up with customers’ desire for digital self-service ordering, they wanted to allow customers to order co-branded materials that are distributed by Prograde, through one centralized platform online.

In order to offer this centralized platform, Prograde knew they needed a solution that could integrate seamlessly with all of their customers’ operating systems. The platform needed to be able to take orders from clients, seamlessly bring those orders into their back-end systems, and then drive a myriad of business operations into locations such as warehouse and fulfillment.

Together, Support One, an SAP reseller of the SAP Business One product line, and Prograde were able to build a seamless online ordering environment by integrating SAP and OrderCloud.io. This gave customers more visibility into their orders, inventory and shipping, and helped automate fulfillment of custom products.

OrderCloud.io is an API-first eCommerce platform that makes it easy for companies like Prograde and Support One to integrate with back-office systems, like SAP, to create a best-of-breed technology environment for their customers.

Jason Sproles, President at Support One boldly states, “If I look over the last 6 years of what has been developed into OrderCloud, I see continued evolution of technology.”

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