Halloween is exactly 1 week away and we’re getting in the spirit by throwing a week-long challenge and inviting ALL of our developer friends. This is one you will not want to miss because the winner is in for a big, spooky, surPRIZE!


The Headless eCommerce Challenge 👻

Here’s how it works:

We’ve got 5 challenges for you to complete between today (Monday, October 24) and midnight on Halloween (Monday, October 31st). Complete all of the challenges and you’ll be entered to win a scary-good Halloween package!

First, get started by creating a username and password on It’s free and easy, and your ticket to exploring our headless eCommerce platform,, to complete the following steps.

After you create a username and password, you’re ready to take the challenge. In order to be entered to win the prize, you must complete the following 5 challenges:

  1. CORE CONCEPTS: Sign up for the Dashboard and read through the Assignments and Rules Engine sections of Core Concepts. These guides are your foundations for developing the items we’ll outline in challenge 2-5. IMPORTANT: Once you get to the bottom of these two guides, leave us your feedback (the image below shows you what to look for)! Make sure to include your email address in the comments so we know it’s you.
    docs feedback icon
  2. CREATE YOUR FIRST CATALOG: Follow this guide to create your first catalog! By the end of this guide, you’ll have created an organization, security profile, buyer company, user group, product, price schedule and category. Don’t forget to invite as a contributor to your organization so we know that you’ve completed challenge #2!
  3. CREATE AN APPROVAL RULE: In the B2B world, order flow isn’t always as simple as a buyer submitting an order and a seller fulfilling it. Oftentimes, the order needs to go through an approval process. Read through this guide to help you create your very first approval rule on your app. Comment on the blog post below once you’ve created a rule, and because you made us a contributor in challenge #2, we’ll be able to check your work.
  4. CREATE A BUY-ONE-GET-ONE PROMOTION: Follow this guide and create your very own buy-one-get-one promotion. Promotions help drive engagement and boost sales. Leave us a comment at the end of the guide with your email (just like you did in challenge #1) so we can check out the promotion.
  5. SUBMIT YOUR FIRST ORDER: Your final challenge is to submit your first order! Follow this guide to learn how to build, pay for, and submit your first order. Once you’re done, comment on this blog post here and we’ll check it out! Bonus: Make sure the BOGO promotion you created is applied to this order, and the order triggers the approval rule that you set up. You’ll have a better chance of winning the spook-tastic prize!

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