Burroughs Payment Systems was looking for a solution to support worldwide sales of Burroughs image-processing technology through their network of resellers. As a B2B company with over 2,000 products for multiple unique resellers, Burroughs needed a flexible system that would account for complex pricing and rules.

Burroughs needed the system to process orders for registered and walk-in customers, notify users of order status, and accept multiple payment methods. It also needed to integrate with other systems that managed accounting, manufacturing supply chain and inventory – while allowing for process scalability and failover.

The most important to Burroughs, however, was a system that automatically recognized and applied unique pricing, purchasing and merchandising rules based on which reseller was viewing the catalog.

With the OrderCloud.io API, Burroughs was able to build a web store that accommodated for complex pricing in less than a month.

This solution was not only cost-effective, but also easy for their non-IT staff to administer and use. Within one month they had a fully-functional eCommerce site up and running, ready to take orders from their many different clients, all with unique pricing and products.


OrderCloud.io catalogs are unique in that they are composed of three entities  instead of the regular two. This allows for easy management of individual-based pricing, perfect for B2B companies with complex pricing structures.

Rather than simply having a product and price, the OrderCloud.io data model ties together products, user groups, and price schedules. A price schedule can be thought of as a framework for how pricing a product will be determined rather than a static price (although pricing can be static if defined as such). Additionally, you can explore more flexible pricing options with this relationship, such as assigning a single product to two user groups with different pricing for each of them.

To view more capabilities of price schedules, check out the docs here. To create your first catalog, go here.


The OrderCloud.io solution dramatically reduced costs and provided an interface that multiple roles within the organization could quickly become comfortable with using. Burroughs’ migration to OrderCloud.io provided the opportunity to streamline business processes making the commerce system more efficient.

Now, Burroughs is able to easily manage their products, inventory and ordering, saving them time, money and resources. Burroughs is also able to create custom buying experiences, provide real-time integration, and save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year through more efficient ordering processes.

About Burroughs

Founded in 1886, Burroughs is a Plymouth, Mich. based global provider of document and payment processing image technology, cash-automation solutions and services to financial institutions and retailers. Its products provide banks and commercial customers with safe, secure and prompt document and cash processing that improves operational efficiencies and payment security. With more than 100 years of history, Burroughs is recognized as the industry leader in image-processing technology from web-enabled branch and merchant capture devices to high-speed reader/sorters in some of the largest payment-processing centers worldwide.





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