Today, far too many B2B companies are being dragged down by clunky, on-premise eCommerce systems. Although frustrations arise, initiating a digital change and starting to consider modern-day technologies like headless eCommerce platforms, is intimidating for these organizations. If so much time and budget has been invested into a massive order management system, how much more time and budget needs to committed to head in a new direction?

The truth is, on-premise systems are not realistic in the long-term strategy for your company. According to a report conducted by Forrester, “A majority of developers are frustrated with the challenges of on-premise eCommerce environments – including cost of acquisition/implementation and maintenance, time required for deployment and maintenance, and procurement headaches.”

It’s time for companies to reinvent their B2B commerce with headless ecommerce platforms, and regenerate their ROI.

Businesses who move to the cloud will be taking a step in the right direction. Those who take a modern approach to eCommerce and move from an on-premise environment to a platform-as-a-service and headless eCommerce platform will experience a win-win. Not only will they create a more flexible, customized solution for their business needs, but they will also generate a better ROI.

Here are three reasons why companies who choose headless eCommerce for their eCommerce strategy will regenerate their ROI:

1. Headless eCommerce platforms have less weight to bear.

With an on-premise eCommerce system, your business is responsible for everything, including all of the back-end systems. Costs stack up between the software license, annual maintenance fees, servers, storage, internet connectivity and more. On the contrary, a headless eCommerce platform requires significant less time, money and resources. These platforms are generally subscription-based and have no hardware, upgrades, or maintenance to be responsible for. Simply create the experience your buyers are demanding, rather than dealing with the complicated, technical back-end requirements.

2. Headless eCommerce platforms get you selling faster.

Headless eCommerce enables you to get-to-market quickly. According to Adam Roozen, CEO of Echidna, “about 80% of the core functionality companies need is already built into a headless platform. It’s the last 20% that is available for whatever customization your business requires. With a strong codebase and an open API, developers are able to build out a highly customized solution much faster than ever before.” Start reaping the benefits of your platform and start selling right away with a better user experience and more direct buying experience.

3. Headless eCommerce platforms grow with you.

A headless eCommerce platform is a living, breathing solution that can grow and change as your business does. Unlike an on-premise solution, you will never be stuck with an investment that only fits your business for so long. Instead, the technology adapts to your specific business processes, size and strategies. The decoupled user interface allows you to make more frequent and more cost-effective customizations and updates as your business and your customers continue to evolve.

Improve your ROI with a headless eCommerce platform for your B2B eCommerce strategy. On-premise systems will continue to slow you down, as well as waste your budget and time.

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